Top 5 Marksman Heroes in MLBB Meta

Top 5 Marksman Heroes,In the MLBB universe, Moonton decided it was high time to put marksmen back in the limelight. With patch 1.6.18, they aimed to give some love to those sharpshooters who were feeling a bit left out. Plus, they had a plan to see more marksmen rocking the gold lane. What was their secret sauce? Well, they stirred things up a bit in the game dynamics!

Top 5 Marksman Heroes : The Game-Changer Patch

Patch 1.6.18 was all about shaking things up. Moonton tweaked the rules by toning down the damage reduction of Retribution and cranking up the passive ability, Hunter. While this made other roles more potent against turret shields, marksmen decided to take a detour – literally. The changes made it more enticing for marksmen to ditch the jungle and explore the gold lane.

Let’s take a stroll into the MLBB jungle and meet five marksmen heroes who are itching to shine in your ranked matches!

Top 5 Marksman Heroes : Flourishing in the Jungle: Meet the Heroes

1. Granger: The Jungle Maestro

Granger’s got a jungle secret – his first skill, Rhapsody, brings bonus damage to jungle creeps, making him a jungle powerhouse. His basic attacks do the job effortlessly, clearing creeps without the need for fancy items. To ace Granger, focus on early ganks in side lanes and snag that Molten Fiend buff for extra bite and a handy slow effect.

2. Yi Sun-Shin: The All-Rounder

Yi Sun-Shin is your go-to guy for jungle versatility. As an assassin/marksman combo, he slides smoothly between ranged and melee combat. With killer damage and the unbeatable ultimate skill, Mountain Shocker, Yi Sun-Shin is a true game-changer.

3. Roger: The Shape-Shifter

Roger’s the cool guy who effortlessly switches between ranged and melee attacks. What makes Roger special is his easygoing playstyle, and his werewolf form packs a wallop against low-HP foes. If you’re into simple yet powerful gameplay, Roger is the jungle hero for you.

4. Natan: The Speedy Slayer

Natan’s basic attacks are the stuff of legends – quick and lethal. But, there’s a catch – he’s light on crowd-control skills. To make Natan a jungle sensation, ensure your team has a couple of folks who can set up killer team fights. Teamwork is the secret ingredient for success with this marksman.

5. Bruno: The Burst Master

Last but definitely not least, Bruno stands tall with some of the highest burst damage in the marksman gang. He might not be the speedster, but once Bruno gears up, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Get ready for an explosion of power when Bruno takes the jungle stage.

In the ever-evolving world of MLBB, these marksman heroes are carving their path in the jungle. Pick your favorite, hone those skills, and let SLOT SERVER THAILAND the jungle adventure roll!