Meng Meng Roasted Duck Takes Flight in Singapore

Meng Meng Roasted Duck In a move that sparked joy among Singaporeans, the famed Malaysian roast duck specialist, Meng Meng, has spread its wings in the Lion City. The 70-seater restaurant, nestled in the heart of Serangoon Garden, mirrors the charm of its well-received outlets in Johor Bahru.

From Hawker Stall to High-End Haven

Originally making its foray into the Singaporean culinary scene with a humble hawker stall in Ang Mo Kio, Meng Meng quickly captured local taste buds. However, the stall bid its farewell last September, after two years of operation. Owen Lau, the Managing Director of +Plentitude, the consultancy behind Meng Meng’s Singapore venture, explained that rising overheads and the desire for better margins led to the decision.

But fret not, duck aficionados! The closed hawker stall has metamorphosed into a full-service restaurant at a shophouse unit in Serangoon Garden Way. The new space retains the essence of its Malaysian inspiration, offering a cozy yet posh ambiance.

Zi Char Delights Duck Takes a Back Seat

While the hawker stalls in Ang Mo Kio and Hougang Mall once tantalized patrons with zi char dishes and dim sum, the revamped restaurant takes it up a notch. The zi char menu finds its new home here, featuring a delectable array of dishes.

From the mouthwatering Curry Fish served in a claypot (S$33.80) to the crispy delight of Deep Fried Fish (S$26.80), Meng Meng’s menu caters to every zi char craving. Classic local favorites such as Marmite Pork Ribs (S$15.80), Sambal Sotong (S$18.80), and Sweet & Sour Pork (S$13.80) are also on offer. Perfectly portioned for two to three people, these dishes promise a symphony of flavors.

The Star of the Show Roast Duck

Meng Meng’s pièce de résistance, the Roasted Dang Gui Duck, continues to steal the spotlight in the new restaurant. However, diners might notice a slight premium on the price compared to the hawker stall – a small price to pay for the upgraded dining experience.

What makes this duck a must-try? The secret lies in the Irish duck sourced from Silver Hill Farm, affectionately known as the “wagyu of ducks.” The Roasted Irish Duck with Chinese Herb (S$78 for whole, S$42 for half, starting from S$21 for a quarter) is a heavenly dish that justifies its price tag. For those who fondly remember the hawker stall, fear not – individual portions of Dang Gui Roasted Duck (starting from S$8) are available with various accompaniments, from chicken rice to dry hor fun.

For a gastronomic adventure, try the combination options like Dang Gui Roasted Duck + Char Siew (with rice from S$10.80) or Dang Gui Roasted Duck + Crispy Roasted Pork (with rice from S$9.80). Indulge in a combination platter featuring roasted duck, pork, and chicken, starting at $16.80 for an individual a la carte portion.

Pork Perfection and Poultry Pleasure

For pork enthusiasts, Meng Meng uses Irish Hampshire pork – renowned for its leanness – in their dishes. The menu caters to all palates, ensuring that even those not keen on duck or pork find satisfaction. Roasted Chicken Rice, priced at a wallet-friendly S$5.50 a plate, is a delightful alternative.

The Meng Meng Experience A Taste of Malaysia in Singapore

With its chic restaurant setting and an extensive menu featuring zi char. Wonders and the celebrated Roasted Dang Gui Duck, Meng Meng continues to tantalize taste buds in its new Serangoon. Garden home For those yearning for a taste of Malaysia without crossing borders, Meng Meng is the perfect culinary destination.

As Meng Meng spreads its wings in the Singaporean food scene. One can’t help but quack with joy at the prospect of indulging in their signature roasted delights. The hawker stall may be a thing of the past. But the full-service restaurant promises an elevated dining experience that captures the essence of Meng Meng’s Malaysian roots.

So, whether you’re a devoted duck enthusiast or a zi char aficionado. Make your way to Meng Meng’s new abode in Serangoon Garden – where roasted duck dreams come true!